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Friday, January 11, 2008

Program Review: Get Naked at Home.

Against my better judgment I stayed up way past my bedtime Sunday night to watch the sneak peak of Jamie at Home on the food network. The show will premier this Saturday but it was definitely worth the late night to catch an early glimpse. Jamie Oliver, otherwise know as the Naked Chef, has come out of retirement on Food TV with a new cooking show featuring food he grows in his own backyard. The show is filmed in an outdoor cooking shed, in his kitchen, & right in his backyard where he cooks in a brick oven. It is oh so inspiring on so many levels. Sunday nights episode featured Peppers & Chilis & left your mouth watering after every recipe. Jamie is so excited the entire episode & it really gets you excited about cooking homegrown food. He seems driven by love for the ingredients he is working with & he has a very hands on approach to cooking. Many times he stirred with his hands & licked his fingers to taste, & of course we get to watch him pick his ingredients from his garden. You almost get the feeling that the food is a part of his family.
Not only did this show inspire in the way of cooking but also in encouraging a wide array of ingredients to be grown. Jamie featured many heirloom peppers & speaks of the different characteristics they all have. The colors of the dishes were incredible. One of the highlights of the show was when Jamie deseeded one of the peppers & then simply threw the seed behind him on the ground commenting that he hoped that would produce a plant next year!
You can't help but pull from Jamie's enthusiasm as you watch. The show is very fast pace & it almost feels as if Jamie is going to jump up & down with joy as he is cooking. That kind of love is addictive & you almost feel the need to run & start your own garden immediately! The show airs on Saturday mornings starting tomorrow & I don't think that time slot was unintentional. I have a feeling Jamie Oliver is going to start a new movement all on his own of urban homesteading & the results should be magnificent!
For those of you who don't have television, make sure to check out the Jamie at Home book where you will learn to cook & to grow stuff. Watch the funny promotional video here.

-meghan stubbs


Chris and Jamie said...

I loved this episode and cannot wait for more. I am a little obsessed with Jamie Oliver and the way he cooks. This is the best thing to hit the food network in years. I highly recommend it.

Veeda said...

I really liked this show too. Then again, I really like Jamie Oliver. I'm so glad, glad, glad it's on the FN too.

Sarah said...

I loved this show, our whole famiy watched. We really got into it! It's just so nice to see him on TV again.