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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Your Backyard Farm

Madeline from  http://madelinekelly.umwblogs.org says: 
 I have a 3.5 x 8 foot balcony to work with, not to mention the lovely New England climate, so I'm proud to report I have:

2 cucumber plants
2 cayenne pepper plants (loaded with green fruits)
3 beefsteak tomato plants (more than a dozen green whoppers so far...)
7 or so basil plants
8 or so green bean plants
about two dozen carrots (little though they may be)
about a dozen beets
3 baby catnip plants
1 mint plant
1 oregano plant
a small patch of kale
a smattering of lettuce plants
2 marigolds
2 nasturtiums
2 flat-leaf parsley plants

A few of the main challenges I face are (a) watering (because it's hard to reach some of them, and they dry out so fast), (b) pollination (the tomatoes, peppers, and beans are fine, but the cucumbers have been a real challenge -- I pollinate them myself with a small paintbrush) and (c) support for the more gangly plants -- I don't have any cages, so mostly I support the tomatoes and peppers with chopsticks and twine. The balcony railings help, too.

I've attached a few photos of the "farm." The photo that is landscape was taken out our bathroom window and shows our kitchen window on the right. That's where I do all my gardening. The other two photos (one of tomatoes, one of cukes/pepper/catnip/basil/beans) were taken from the kitchen. It's pretty handy to have the garden right next to the cooking room! Oh -- and I attached one last-minute picture of our cat, Akimbo, watching me garden. It's nice to have a garden for her to look at out the windows. (And us, too.) :)


Allison at Novice Life said...

Wow, very cool :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are doing an amazing job even in a small space. Very inspiring.

marisa said...

Now nobody has an excuse not to garden. Great job Madeline.

bernadette Flowers said...

This garden is great! The tomatoes are just beautiful. You are to be commended on your effort and skill. So proud of you. Keep gardening:-)

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Very nice!! I love how much is packed into such a small space. Way to go!

I recently started hosting the Garden Life link up every Friday and I'd love for many of you homesteaders and gardeners to come join in the fun. Garden Life linky

ketz said...

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