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Monday, August 8, 2011

Your Backyard Farm

 Take a look at the backyard farm of Kara from www.welloneofmyblogs.com  

She says: 

I've been in my little house for just over a year now-- first came the garden and chickens, and then bees this spring!

The "before" of my barren yard (which is actually kind of an "after" after taking down two shanties, a pigeon coop, old busted chicken run, millions of blackberry vines, and waist-high weeds)

Here's a couple of recent photos of the bigger food-producing parts of my garden.

My three fabulous chicken-ladies.

 I have a top bar hive, so things are a bit nontraditional.

Pretty much everything you can see in that last photo is food producing--  a variety of squash, amaranth, and quinoa, a fig tree in the back left, a persimmon tree dangling in the foreground (surrounded by thyme), and in the far background, a tower of beans, more amaranth, a couple of tomatoes, and a few artichokes.. even the apple tree hanging over the fence from the neighbor's yard!  Parts of the garden (seen in the other photo) are set up for modified square foot gardening, but I love the random areas that feel more decorative and still are solely food-producers.



Wow. What a lot of work transforming this land.

brooke said...

STUNNING! LOVE it!! Looks wonderful

Kim said...

What a great looking garden!! Awesome job!

Alice said...

I'd like to come sit in your yard!

We have a top bar hive too. Have you harvested honey yet? (and how are you planning on doing it?)

I'll have to look into growing quinoa.

I love you yard/garden.

Mrs. Farmer said...

Well done! Excellent job of using just about every inch!

Thank you so much for showing off other people's backyard farms. I have found so many wonderful new blogs to check out. Love it!! Thank you thank you!!

Kara said...

Thanks, guys! I feel very honored to be on Backyard Farming!

Alice- I did just harvest a bit of honey recently, I learned a super simple and efficient technique at my Beekeepers Association meeting... it involves two jars, some tulle, and some tape-- I posted the details on my blog! :)

Mel said...

You are an inspiration! I will look for the blog posts about the bees...we are going to get some next spring.

jen said...

Kara's garden is for reals awesome as I've been there myself! And I cannot wait to go back. So much love and work has gone into this little farm. Go Kara! (And chicken-ladies!)