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Friday, August 12, 2011

Your Backyard Farm

I thought I'd share some photos of my backyard garden.  I live in Arlington, VA, which is a close-in suburb of Washington DC.  Most of the lot sizes are very small, but I've been blessed with 3 lots in the middle of town, so I put them to good use.  I follow the square-foot gardening method (for the most part) and currently  have 8 boxes, with some extra items along the fence. These photos are a mix from various days this past spring and summer.  I hope you like them!  If you'd like to see the entire garden, I've got them in two facebook albums:
2011 Garden and Yard:
2011 Garden Part II

Seedlings that I started indoors and later set out into the garden
Asparagus emerging in early spring.
A view of the garden looking S - this is the most recent photo
A view of the garden looking NW
Sugar Snap Peas!
My son watering the blueberry bushes.
 Thornless blackberries.
 Tomatoes in self-watering containers on the front walk. This was an experiment that worked extremely well.  
My daughter grazing in the garden.


Dollwood Farms said...

Awesome, looks so good! Congratulations.

Allison at Novice Life said...

I love the pic of your daughter 'grazing' in the garden!

Cate said...

Thanks! Sometimes, things never make it to the table - and sugar snap peas are usually one of them (along with berries). I'm glad that my daughter enjoys the grazing. I told the kids they never had to ask, just go out there and eat! - Catie