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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raw Milk -West Jordan, Utah

Good news to you Utah-ites on the West Side. Utah Natural Meat will soon be selling Huckleberry Dairy raw milk.  When we lived out there, we had to drive about 40 minutes to get raw milk, and because of the drive, we weren't able to buy raw milk as often as we would have liked. 

If you are interested in buying raw milk from them,  send an e-mail to sales@utahnaturalmeat.com.  Put "milk" in the subject line, they are trying to calculate numbers and are trying to find where their interest is.

On a side note, over a year ago we bought about 1/3 of a cow from Utah Natural Meat, they hold a very high standard with their beef, no hormones, no antibiotics, grass fed etc. We are just finishing up the last of our meat, and we have been nothing but pleased with them and their meat. 



Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten a chance to try raw milk, but this is definitely a reminder to do so. I LOVE grass fed beef though and can't wait for our next beef share. Delicious.

Deb W said...

I thought there was a federal law against selling raw milk? (not that I agree with it). Wouldn't that trump any state law that allows it? (not that I agree with that either)

marisa said...

It is legal here in Utah. I think the federal law is that you can't sell it across state lines, so as long as you are selling it in your own state (if it is legal in your state) then it is okay. Utah has a form that the buyers have to sign making sure they understand all the dangers of raw milk.

Alison said...

do you know how to find places like this (for the meat) in other states? We love to do this and fill up our extra freezer with quality cuts of beef instead of the 'chubs' from the store - yuck.

Mike said...

The best website is localharvest.org.


It is a good site to find local producers, sellers, csa's and lot's of other stuff.

We wrote an article about CSA's a few years ago and talked about using the same site to find them.


Julie said...

Marisa is right it's fine if it's legal in your state bought when you cross state lines it's interstate commerce. Unfortunately even though it is legal, many raw milk providers (usually family farms, co-ops, and the Amish) are having heavily armered sting operations like they're dealing drugs or something all the time. I wrote about the most recent raids in CA on my blog @