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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feed the Birds!

This year, the weather patterns across many parts of the country have been abnormal.  Here in Texas we are experiencing the worst drought in our history.  So far, here in Houston where I live, we are over 18” behind regular rainfall amounts for the year.

This is having a big effect on all trees and plants and the animals are going to suffer because of it!
Natural sources of nectar are being minimized and this is a concentrated area for migrating birds.  For any readers who want to contribute… help the Hummingbirds gain the weight they need! Their migration is happening or will soon be happening (late August through September) when they will need to increase their weight by +/- 40%.

4: 1 water: sugar (dissolve with hot water)
No red dyes in the water
Change out the water every 2-3 days to prevent spoilage
Preferably place it in a shaded location
Keep multiple feeders far apart and in various locations to prevent fighting


Did your Farmers Market make this list?  
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Red Hill General Store said...

Great advice on helping out the hummingbirds!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely put out some more hummingbird feeders. Poor birds!


I keep hummingbird feeders mostly for my selfish entertainment. Animals seem to be so much smarter than humans when it comes to instincts. Most go where the food and water is abundant.

Texas like California has always had droughts and will, no doubt, continue this way. I don't like to be wasteful so conservation is always my practice even in this year of overly abundant water in California. I feel for you. Those dry years blow!

doglady said...

Here in Maine, the Hummingbirds have ample natural nectar. I have around 6 hummers working the Honeysuckle planted just for them around my deck. They won't leave until late October early November. Those of you in the drought, help them along on their trip.