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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Homeschool Room...for now

Our homeschool room is FAR from being finished, but I am just so grateful to have a room dedicated to schooling the kids. In our last home, the school work was stored in the basement, and we did all the work on the top floor. We were constantly going up and down the stairs to get curriculum, and that gets old real quick. All work was done at the kitchen table, which worked well, but would get tricky if we were working on a project and it was time for lunch.  

Our home has a formal living room and a formal dinning room. We chose to make the formal living room into the homeschool room. We were going to use the formal dinning room instead, but it is smaller, doesn't have much natural light, and the view of the street is blocked. Since a large portion of our day is spent in the school room, I thought it was only natural for us to use the better room. 

The formal dinning room will be used as the formal living room.

What do you love about your homeschool room or office?



Anonymous said...

After setting up a very organized, professional room upstairs in our home, we ended up doing all of our homeschooling over the years on the living room couch. I think you're way ahead by starting in the living room. (I highly recommend adding a couch or love seat for side by side reading and discussions--plus a quick snuggle on the side!)

marisa said...

Anon, I totally agree about the couch. Our formal living room which is just next to the homeschool room will have a loveseat just for that reason! I don't think we have enough space in the homeschool room for a loveseat once we get a bigger desk, bookshelves, and some sort of storage for our curriculum.

Karina said...

I love that our homeschool room is our living room with big comfy furniture. The kitchen table is used for projects which does get tricky at times.

Tressa said...

I think I really do like the room you finally choose for your schoolroom. Can't wait to see all the progress.

brookie said...

I love seeing ur house progress! I am really excited to see the animals set up! We don't homeschool but we have an art room that I love. Free access to all the art stuff they can use and free rein to use it. They are never bored because they can always create. I love them growing up with art. Plus it makes Christmas easier. I restock or get new art stuff for stockings. Colored masking tape has always been a family favorite

marisa said...

Brookie, the art room sounds so dreamy!