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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be Grateful

At dinner Michael and I were discussing our Home Warranty which was supposed to cover the full cost of pumping the septic tank, but now they are saying they can only cover about 1/6 of the cost. I admit that I was complaining, when Reece (10 yo) started lecturing me that I need to be grateful that we were going to get "something" and it is better than "nothing." It sounded a lot like some similar lectures I had given him.

It made me think about how I expect my kids to be grateful for everything THEY have, because they are pretty darn lucky! But, what about myself? Do I really hold myself to the same standard? I'm pretty darn lucky too! When the kids complain that they only get a little bit of ice cream and I lecture them on being grateful they get "something" instead of "nothing", isn't it very similar to the complaint that I had with the Home Warranty?

I know that I definitely take for granted most everything that I have been blessed with. We live in a free country, we have a home, food, clothing, a vehicle, good health, all of which I take for granted on a daily basis. I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and has blessed me with talents (you do too!) I am indeed grateful for a wonderful family and great friends.

Today as I was working on the house, I was thinking about when we lived in the apartment. Michael and I would lay in bed and think about our future homestead. At the time, it seemed like if we could only get a bigger house on an acre, our lives would be perfect and we would finally find perfect peace and happiness. Don't get me wrong, I really love it here,  I love my new house, and I am extremely grateful to have it. But, it hasn't changed me or how happy I am. It is a house. It is a thing. Things don't bring happiness. Things bring comfort, amusement, or fun, but they don't bring true happiness or joy. That joy comes from serving others, it comes from living a good honest life, being grateful for what you have, from making goals and working towards them, true joy comes from within.

This Thanksgiving holiday, be grateful for the "somethings" that you do have, whatever they may be.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Allen said...

Yes, be greatful that the warranty helps. We opted for the warranty on ours back in May. So about 3 weeks ago temperatures finally dropped and I went to prep the furnace to find out that our radiant heating system was leaking in a bedroom down into the ceiling over our brand new kitchen.

I called up the warranty people to find out that the only thing they don't cover is radiant heat.

So luckily the temperature hasn't been to low because between working 50 hour weeks and going to school full time I have not had time to fix it yet.

marisa said...

Oh Allen, that's terrible. I hope you can find some time to fix it!

Jennifer said...

What a great reminder. You're raising a wise son.

Nora Mair said...

Amen, Happiness comes from within.

Vanalee said...

I love you Marisa! This was wonderful!