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Friday, November 19, 2010

It never fails

It never fails! A sunset like this can lift my spirits when I start to get down because....
 most my walls either look like this or look like they have been puked on.
because the 640 sq. ft. of slate tile that was supposed to take 4 days, actually took 4 weeks, 1256 trips to Home Depot and 20 boxes of returned (broken) tiles.
 (We laid our last piece of tile...can I hear a hallelujah! Come on, don't be shy, let's hear it)
Maybe I get down because the sectional and ottoman set we ordered are actually different colors.
or because I have a week worth of painting to finish, but I'm finding it difficult to find the time.

This sunset never fails, it always has the ability to lift my spirits. I'm so grateful to have so much beauty in this world!
What is able to lift your spirits?



David said...

Home improvements can really be a drag especially when things go wrong. Just hang in there and keep moving forward. When it's done it will be thing of joy to remember the journey to get there. Any time I start a project I just expect set backs and things that cost more and take longer to do. It's the price paid for saving thousands of dollars.

Have a great remodeling day.

JesR said...

Oh Marissa!!
I would totally come and paint the day through with you! You don't even know me, but I'd do it!! ...as long as you'd let me ask you unending questions about Backyard Farming. Well, and maybe feed me lunch!

-jes the mess

teekaroo said...

sigh... I miss seeing sunsets like that, or anything for that matter. I'm living in a basement, so if I want to see the sunset, I have to walk up stairs, through the garage, out a door and around a corner. No wonder I've been going crazy, no sunsets in a while!

In Amelia's World said...

RAIN is always able to lift my spirit. I do enjoy the rhythm of the falling rain, it is so peaceful.

Hi Marissa. I am Tia from Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.

marisa said...

Tia, I too love the rain, and welcome to our blog!

marisa said...

When I get down, I just need to come and read the comments from you guys. You guys are so inspiring and kind.

JesR, come on over. I would love help painting!

teekaroo, get out in that sun, even if it is a walk. It is so good for the soul!

Holly said...

Home improvements on a new (to you) house are draining - especially when you keep finding surprises. In our last house we found all kinds - like that the light fixtures on the ceiling had been glued on instead of screwed in...so when we tried to change them, big chunks of sheet rock came with them. Oh, and the 220 plug for the dryer had been "relocated" to power a tanning bed they had. But by relocated, I mean they just kicked a hole in the wall and turned the plug around to face the other room. You have to keep a sense of humor about it or you'll be tempted to hunt down the previous owners and shake them until they explain themselves.