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Thursday, March 18, 2010


by Dale

My love of fowl extends beyond than animal kingdom for here I am in Turkey this week working with farmers. It is planting season and some Kurdish farmers show me their watermelon seeds from California.

A flock of sheep eagerly follow their shepherd out to spring grass. But instead of staff, he carries a cell phone. Notice the rocks in the background. These are the rockiest fields that I have ever seen.

They make good use of the rocks in fencing their backyards. Goats just love to climb these fences.

If you have followed my raw milk articles, then you know how crazy I am in this picture. I am about to enjoy a glass of liquid yogurt made from goats milk. I think the yogurt process neutralizes bad bacteria and propagates good bacteria but my stomach is growling. Thank heavens I brought Cipro with me.

As I finish this article, the haunting sound of call to prayer emanates from a nearby mosque to fill the city. I feel a little guilty to see the unused prayer rug on the nightstand next to my bed. Perhaps if we were all reminded to pray 5 times a day in the United States, we might be a little better for it.


Michelle said...

Great post!

katiegirl said...

Good luck and hope you don't need the Cipro!

megan said...

Lovely article.

karisma said...

Lovely! Wave hi to our relatives while you are there. We have lots of family in Turkey. The culture is amazing isn't it? Although very westernized they still manage to maintain so many of the old ways! Great food!

mike said...

What were you there for? What were you trying to teach while you were there?

Dale Johnson said...

I am working with two collaborating NGO's, one in Turkey and one in D.C. to set up a education program for farmers. We will be conducting training in agricultural production in Turkey and in Maryland.

Dale Johnson said...


You are absolutely right. The culture is amazing and the food is great. I have gained weight this week.

Frugal Life UK said...

I used to teach Islaamic children and their dedication to prayer puts us Christians to shame. I must remember to pray every day, lest alone five times a day. And to have the faith to be 14 years old, to stop whatever you do and to pray takes courage as well as faith. We have a lot to learn from people of other faiths. In love of Jesus - jane/frugal queen xxx