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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Be Prepared

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) celebrated it's 100th birthday last month, their motto is "Be Prepared". In honor of the BSA and their birthday, I'm doing a post on Being Prepared. I am a firm believer in being prepared. There are lots of ways to prepare, preparing my house for the winter, preparing my garden for the spring, preparing the diaper bag for an outing, preparing a menu before we go to the grocery store, etc. I want to talk about being prepared for disasters. I started thinking about how many natural disasters there have been just in 2010, so I did a search on natural disasters, the list is at the bottom of the post.

It makes it hard to sit back in my little house and pretend that nothing bad could ever happen to my neck of the woods. I pray and hope that my family and I never experience something tragic, but if we do, I want to be prepared!

Hometown Seeds sent me this package of Survival Seeds. I desperately want to open this triple layered mylar bag, because I secretly have a love affair with seeds. I love to hold the seed packages, read the description, and look at the seeds. But, this package of seeds is going straight to the freezer which will keep them good for up to 10 years! This will come in handy not only if there is a natural disaster making it difficult to get seeds, but also in the case of a more personal disaster, such as my husband getting laid off or financial struggle. If we were having financial problems, what better way to save money than to grow your own food? This way, we will be ready with all the seeds we need to grow a great garden.

This package comes with enough seeds to plant 3/4 an acre, and an instructional booklet. They are non-hybrid seeds as well, which is the only way to garden...in my opinion.

For more tips on how to get prepared, visit Homestead Revival, she has some other great ideas!

Natural Disasters 2010

Solomon Islands: Cyclone Ului - Mar 2010
East Africa: Floods - Mar 2010
Fiji: Cyclone Tomas - Mar 2010
Kazakhstan: Floods - Mar 2010
Madagascar: Cyclone Hubert - Mar 2010
Angola: Floods - Mar 2010
Mozambique: Floods - Mar 2010
Serbia: Floods - Mar 2010
Zimbabwe: Floods - Mar 2010
Zambia: Floods - Feb 2010
Haiti: Floods and Mudslides - Mar 2010
Chile: Earthquake - Feb 2010
Madeira: Floods and Mudslides - Feb 2010
Caribbean: Drought - Feb 2010
Pakistan: Avalanche - Feb 2010
Cook Islands: Tropical Cyclone Pat - Feb 2010
Afghanistan: Floods and Avalanches - Feb 2010
Mexico: Floods and Landslides - Feb 2010
French Polynesia: Cyclone Oli - Feb 2010
Solomon Islands: Floods - Jan 2010
Egypt: Floods - Jan 2010
occupied Palestinian territory: Floods - Jan 2010
Haiti: Earthquakes - Jan 2010
Mongolia: Dzud - Jan 2010
Montenegro: Floods - Jan 2010
Bolivia: Floods - Jan 2010
India/Nepal/Bangladesh: Cold Wave - Jan 2010
Pakistan: Landslides and Floods - Jan 2010
Solomon Islands: Earthquake - Jan 2010
Tajikistan: Earthquake - Jan 2010
Following information was found here.


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Wow! That list was long! I had no idea their were that many already this year. It's a good reminder that things do happen and preparedness is wise!

Thanks for mentioning Homestead Revival. I hope it encourages us all to be leaders in our communities even if it is as simple as putting aside a little extra to help a neighbor.

Dale Johnson said...

I think survival seeds are a great idea. However, you have to admit that Stephen Colbert is hilarious. See