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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Move over, grasshoppers! There's a new pest in town.

My 1-year-old thinks he's hot stuff when he climbs into our garden box, giving new meaning to the word squash. When you're the smallest in the family, I guess it's nice to have a kingdom that makes you feel big. For the moment, that is . . .

If these seedlings survive my baby's treading treatment (and they will!), they will grow to their own monstrous proportions before I know it.

I'm so glad they grow faster than my baby. Still, he's growing fast, too fast, even.

And that's why I don't shoo him from the garden.


Dale said...

Very very cute! I have pleasant faint memories of pulling radishes in my mothers garden when I was very very young. To this day, I like to grow radishes because of those memories. You never know what your children will remember so it is important to give them all the opportunities for memories of backyard farming that you can.

cunning linguist said...

Thanks for the reminder to let them be in the garden. I am usually shooing my 2 year old out afraid he'll trample the seedlings. Guess they are probably a bit more sturdy than I think!