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Friday, June 12, 2009

Are You Ready To PLAY????


Last year I bought a package of wildflowers and haphazardly threw them around my front flower beds just hoping that a few plants would pop up. The $2 package of seeds said there were a few perennial flower seeds included. I was hopeful that I would get a perennial or two out of the deal, but didn't expect much, I was just looking for a cheap way to add a little extra color to the flower beds. I got exactly what I was looking for, lots of colorful flowers.

To my surprise, this year, I have 3 different flowers that came back. I think one of them is a perennial and the other 2 seeded themselves. I really like knowing what I have growing in my flower beds and thought I would ask all of you knowledgeable gardeners out there if you can ID my mystery flowers that returned from last year.

So here we have it....NAME....THAT...FLOWER!

Mystery Flower #1
Is quite tall and thin, and just loves the spotlight. She seeded herself front and center in the flowerbed, with no regards to the smaller flowers behind her. She is pretty vain and sheds her blue flowers and replaces with a fresh set each day.

Mystery Flower #2
Also sports pretty blue flowers, but is much shorter, only reaching about 6 inches tall. She is also much more considerate and generous than mystery flower #1. She has seeded herself in quite a few spots in the garden but because of her short stature has not blocked any other flowers.

Mystery Flower #3
Has pretty orange flowers and has a nice round plump shape. She isn't ashamed of her body shape, and has had no problems growing bigger and bigger this spring. She is about a foot tall and about a foot and a half in diameter. She loves the warm spring days and won't open up until the sun is out. Mystery Flower #3 is one of 4 identical quadruplets that seeded themselves throughout the flower beds.


Becca's Dirt said...

Sorry I do not know what your mystery plants are. They sure are pretty though. I love to get a pack of seeds and see them actually do something.

Jennifer said...

#1 is flax (linum) -- at least that's what I determined after I grew that very same mystery flower from a mixed seed packet.

I think #3 might be a California poppy.

As for #2, I know I've seen it before, and it's driving me crazy. You've sent me on a mission this morning, thanks a lot!

Love your witty descriptions.

Sometimes seed mixtures list the type of flowers they contain. If you still have the seed packet that could be a starting point to identify. You could eliminate the flowers you already know, then look up the names of the others for pictures. Still, I'm on a mission . . .

-Sydney- said...

#3 is definitely a California Poppy. These grow wild where I am from and cover whole fields.

Dan and Dee said...

I love these flowers. You've given me the idea of buying some wild flowers from Utah or Wyoming b/c they might grow here in Russia.
Pretty flowers!

Kenneth Moore said...

That second one is also driving me crazy! I recognize the leaves, but I can't place it--I'm not a flower specialist, mostly just edible stuff.

I'll have to check back and see the ID!

Lindsay said...

The first is pretty blue flax! I need to get some! :)

Tea Rose said...

Lovely flowers. No idea what they are! I am a flower admirer not so much a flower identifier. :-)

On a seperate note, I wanted to let you all know that I passed the Kreativ Blogger Award onto your blog! My post passing it on to Backyard Farming can be found here: Chixlife.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-awards.html

Anonymous said...

I know the california poppy as my son planted some 2 summers ago. :)