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Monday, November 14, 2011


We love up-cycling, recycling, reusing, and  cutting back, so we love the blog Unconsumption which is dedicated to just that. Go check it out. Here is some of what you will see:

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Via pratt:

Use old/unplayable records as charger plates. 

Old mail sacks repurposed as iPad cases.
via @itscolossaluncommon goods


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the site recommendation. Did you see the post showing a dog house with a garden box on the roof? Hmm, catnip, anyone?


Unknown said...

Jennifer, I love it. I just added it to the pictures on the post. Thanks for sharing.


Growing up with records/LPs there is no way I could set a table like that. We had to carefully hold the discs so as not to get our fingerprints on them. Scratches were as close to a sin as we got. Using them as charges? I would need therapy. Old habbits die hard.

daisy g said...

Cool beans!

Unknown said...

Maybelline, You make a good point!

rkbsnana said...

Love the ideas.