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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dinosaur for Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you eating one of Tyrannosaurus Rex's ancestors for Thanksgiving dinner? According to an article from wired.com most scientists now agree that birds actually are dinosaurs. The article talks about a paleontologist named Jack Horner that believes that we can reverse engineer chickens to become dinosaurs. I know it sounds like the beginning of a terrible nature gone wrong horror movie but Jack Horner is a well respected scientist in his field.

The idea of reverse engineering chickens by messing with their DNA raises a lot of ethical questions for many. It is an interesting idea but haven't scientists watched enough movies that show the terrible things that happen when they try to play God?

Following is a video from ted.com of Jack Horner talking about his dream of making Dinosaurs into chickens.

Whether  you agree with his ideas or not, it's still kind of cool to think about the fact that you are biting into T Rex's ancestor when you take an extra large helping of dark meat.

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Anonymous said...

Very fascinating. This brings me back to the release of Jurassic Park. I watched that movie thinking, "we can do that!"