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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Essential Oils Webinar

I love essential oils! I mean L.O.V.E them.  Over the past few months I have been throwing everything in my medicine cabinet away and replacing with essential oils. I'm proud to say that we don't have ANY over the counter medication in my home, and I feel prepared and empowered. We have taken care of allergies, asthma, ear infections, yeast infections, skin tags, athletes foot, diaper rash, colds, and flu....just to name a few. 

A few years ago Michael was put on 3 prescription medications. I went on a quest to figure out how to get him off of those medications. I'm happy to say he is off of 2 of the 3 because of Essential Oils, and we are working towards getting him off of the third. Like I said, I finally feel EMPOWERED.

Not only has it helped the health of of myself and my family, I have also noticed a huge change for the better in my mood, my stress level, and my spirituality.

My best friend Megan, who actually helped me start this blog has been traveling the country teaching about essential oils. I have asked her to host a free webinar here on Backyard Farming.  Of course she agreed, she is my best friend!

This class will share insight on how pure essential oils can be used for physical ailments, injuries, skin care and stress management. They can be used on babies, pregnant mothers, children and everyone else.  The class is an education into natural healing and how to use them for any of the things you and your family struggle with. Come with questions and gets some answers on how to be a healer in your own home.

OPTIONAL: If you'd like have a sample kit of the 11 oils we will be focusing on during class, you can purchase that for just $10 by using the paypal link on the top left of the blog. I have a limited supply, so once they are gone, they are gone.  Please order at least a week before the date of the class Otherwise the class is open to everyone and free of charge!
Thursday November 17
7:30 PM Mountain Time
Webinar Link TBA


Allison at Novice Life said...

Oh my gosh how exciting - I would love to sit in on this webinar :) I can't wait!!

marisa said...

Awesome, it will be great to have you!!!


Could you please list the 11 oils being sold. You are on the right path. Do you think you will try to grow some of herbs yourself?

marisa said...

Essential oils need special equipment to be either steam distilled or cold pressed. I won't ever be making my own essential oils. I do grow quite a few medicinal herbs to use as a tincture or to put into capsules.

The essential oils included are:

Melaleuca(aka tea tree)
Breathe (a blend of oils good for respiratory system)
On Guard (a blend of oils good for warding off sickness)
Digestzen (a blend of oils good for the digestive system)
Deep Blue (a blend of oils good for joints and muscles)

marisa said...

Oh and number 11 is a surprise. It is just because I can't decide between two oils I want her to talk about.

Anneke said...

I love it! Aren't essential oils the best?

Dale Johnson said...


One of the essential oils we use at our place is WD40. It stops squeaks on all types of metal parts. Another good one is Valvoline 5W-30. We add it regularly to the crankcase of our Dodge Caravan that has 219,000 miles on it. And one essential oil that we could not do without is K-Y Jelly. Well I wont describe how we use it.

Dale Johnson said...

By the way, I need an oil that I can inject directly into my hip. Got any ideas?

Paul and Ines said...

cant wait for the class & I ordered the oils too...will i get them before the class?

marisa said...


daisy said...

I look forward to the seminar, although I think I'll miss the beginning, as I work at night.
Is there a way to pay by check for the kit? We like to do cash here.

Christy said...

Do you still have the essential oil sampler available? I couldn't find the link you mentioned in your post. :(

Paisley99 said...

I would still love to purchase the oil sampler as well. Deborah.davila@gmail.com

Gastric Kitty said...

I would like to purchase the sampler as well. Is it too late?

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