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Friday, April 1, 2011

WIn a Bumper Sticker

by Michael

One of our followers, Michael A., shared a quote with me about books. Francis Bacon said " Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some to be chewed and digested."

Let's have some fun and give out one of our awesome backyard farming stickers. I have tweaked this quote so it has to do with chickens. The verbs are blank. Your job should you choose to accept it is too fill in the blanks. I am in the mood for funny today. So the one that makes Marisa and I laugh the hardest is the winner. We will announce the winner on Monday. Let's see what you can come up with! Leave you answers in the comment section.

Some chickens are made to be (1____________), others to be (2_________), and some to be (3_________).


PickingUpStitches said...

1) fried
2) roasted
3) chicken stock

Meg said...

Punch Lines

Age Old Questions


Dollwood Farms said...

Some chickens are made to be (1____________), others to be (2_________), and some to be (3_________).

1) babied
2) bathed
3) plucked! (I couldn't do it tho)

Melissa Carr said...

blow dried, diapered, and snuggled...here's the story behind that! http://homeschoolstamperof3.blogspot.com/2010/09/chicken-drama.html
My husband on the other hand thinks they should be used for target practice, plucked, then eaten...he may say those things, but I know he really loves my girls...deeeeeeeep down!

Jamie said...

1) butchered 2)fried 3)boiled

These are words fro my homeschooled 10 yr old son,he is sitting here and thinking while I type.


Jan said...

Some chickens are made to be (1____________), others to be (2_________), and some to be (3_________).

3.)first (as in which came first- egg or the chicken)

LOL thanks for the giveaway chance.

Jamie said...


Alison said...

deep fried
dino nuggets

kayla said...


Bart and Jessica said...

Egg Providers
Stuffed with goodness until their gizzards pop out then baked to a golden brown and enjoyed

daisy said...

1)pleased (as in pampered),
2)squeezed (as in hugged),
3)freezed (you get the picture)

A Mini Begining said...

Some chickens are made to be "hens" others to be "roosters" and some to be "dinner".

Anonymous said...

Some chickens are made to be dinner, others entertainment and some to be catalyst for change. =0)


Donna said...

Some chickens are made to be pets, others to be livestock, and some to be sauteed lightly with mushrooms and white wine.

Erin said...

some chickens are made to be nuggets, others to be coq au vin, and some to be rocked in the arms of a 6 year old girl singing lullabies in opera.