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Monday, February 7, 2011

Portland Backyard Farmers

We are in Portland, Oregon right now....it is soooo beautiful here (I will share pictures later). Michael and I were talking and we figured that maybe there would be a backyard farmer who reads this blog out here in Portland, and maybe they would be interested in being featured on our blog. If you are in the Portland area , have a backyard farm, and would like us to stop by Wednesday morning to get a tour of your backyard farm and snap some pictures, contact us at backyardfarmingblog@gmail.com. Please tell us a little about yourself and your farm in the email. 



deb said...

My son and daughter in law live in Portland, Or. and they love it! My daughter has a flower business there. Her arrangements are just beautiful; very natural and unique. Her blogspot is http://www.bramblefloraldesign.com/ you can contact her through that website. I'm sure she would love to hear from you. Enjoy your stay there. It is truly beautiful country and a really fun city.

Tami said...

We are 45 mins north of Portland in Longview. Hope you've found someone to visit. Our backyard/front yard...we'll just call it urban farm is in the very beginning stages and VERY unphoto friendly. :-) The raised beds are lovely...during the summer. Due to the rain, everything around here is turning into mud. Ah well. It's supposed to dry out for a few days which means the back deck is coming down in order to use the wood for more raied beds. Yippee!