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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home School hit by El Niño

By Michael

Let me give you another reason why home schooling is awesome? As the father of the family I am away from home a lot making dinero so I don't have a lot of home school interaction. However, the school principal Marisa allows me to serve as our home schools Science Teacher.

Reece has been learning about weather lately and today we discussed factors that can change climate and weather quickly like the effect of El Niño. It was a fun and interesting lesson made all the more fascinating by this video we found about El Niño in action.

How lucky is Reece to have a Science teacher that shows him important educational material like this? Home School rules!


RightHahn said...

Weather AND spanish lessons all in one!! Brilliant :)

oh - and fashion tips ... that outfit was AWSOME!


Muy especial, Senor Professor.

That was a crack up.

Amy Kinser said...

There are no limits to homeschooling, is there? I love it!

Jamie said...

Youtube is a very important part of my homeschool curriculum. Seriously! We have watched volcanoes explode, poison dart frogs hop around, russian dudes dance and so on. I really don't know how people used to homeschool without it. :)