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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Megan's Square Foot Garden - 6 week update

Everything is coming along really well - especially the basil, corn & pumpkins.  I haven't had to pull one weed and I've yet to fertilize.  What an easy way to garden, I'd say!  Here's a comparison of how it looked six weeks ago and today:



Jennifer said...

This side-by-side look is incredible. I forget how fast these can grow. And how is the corn doing? I've never done corn before because most things I've read say a big patch is necessary. (For cross-pollination, maybe? Who knows.) Keep us updated.

mary jane said...


Love your blog! I was wondering what things you planted in your left garden. I wanted to know what was growing up your garden supports. I also square foot garden and love it!

Mary Jane

megan said...

Mary Jane - the big plant in the front is my pumpkin plant and behind that it is a cucumber plant and two yellow squash plants. So far the supports are working - but I've got my fingers crossed hoping they won't collapse a few days before harvest!

Pamela said...

So I'm having issues with my tomatoes taking over my garden. My corn isn't doing so great, my cabbage cross pollinated with my broccoli and my peppers were over taken by my cucumbers and squash.
I went and did everything by the book too

marisa said...


How frustrating. It seems like every year my husband and I learn something new. It really helps to keep a garden journal to keep track of things to do different next year. Example...tomatoes get huge...give them more space, keep cabbage and broccoli as far apart as possible, etc.