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Monday, July 6, 2009

June Harvest

Marisa and I decided to weigh all of he food that we harvest this year for a few reasons. First, we have never done it and we are interested in what we actually grow. Second, we want to document our bounty for those that don’t have gardens or don’t think it’s worth having one because their property is too small. We live on .11 acres and our garden is a very small part of our property. I think many will be surprised at how much we grow. We will give a monthly report documenting what we have grown so far.

June Harvest

Lettuce (various types): 2 lbs 1 7/8 oz
Peas: 3 lbs
Strawberries: 4 lbs 3/8 oz
Green Beans (One plant that our son got in Sunday School): 1 oz
Green onion: 1 ¾ oz (We didn't plant green onions this year, it just showed up)
Chives: 2 oz

This adds up to a grand total of 9 lbs of produce in the month of June. I bet we double this in July. We should start harvesting summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes and maybe cucumbers this month. What is your guess on what our yield is?



Dale Johnson said...


It would be useful if you could put the relate the weight to square foot or plant so that people can get an idea how much they produce given the size of their garden.


Jennifer said...

Great idea. I'm curious about this in my own garden. But what restraint you must have! I feel like our garden is the grocery store on a great day of food samples -- you nibble while you shop, but nothing makes it through the door!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

That is a good idea. It would be neat to know what our monthly bounty is. I bet July will be huge for you guys, as those vine plants make heavy produce.