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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She who could not be named...

Olive Oyl

Well, thanks everyone for submitting name ideas - I got 24 suggestions total. The names ranged from clever to beautiful to downright funny. It has been a REALLY hard choice to make. Even now I am having a hard time making my decision final. In the end the other front runners were:

Cordon Bleu
Atilla the Hen
& Malificent

I ended up going with Olive Oyl because this chick is getting more and more high strung - she's a hard one to catch! And since having the baby my kids have been watching a little more, OK a lot more TV than normal - including a lot of old Popeye episodes. And you just gotta love that fickle Olive Oyl! I'm also gonna be keeping those other names in my vault since they are all so cute & I know I will be getting more chickens in the future!

Thanks again!


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Molly said...

My husband and I want a Great Dane and have agreed that our first Great Dane will be named Atilla the Dane. Gotta love that. I think it's hilarious for a hen, but I love the Olive Oyl name.