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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Neighborly Gift

One of my favorite things about having backyard chickens is getting a surplus of eggs. I collect empty egg cartons from friends and neighbors to hold the eggs I give away. At first, my friends and neighbors were a little apprehensive about my eggs, but things have changed. I have frequent requests for them, they love the rich yellowish orange colored yolk and the way they fluff when beaten.

What are your favorite things that you have given or received from a backyard farm???



Amy Jo said...

fresh tomatoes! yummmm!

m. & m. said...

Mid-summer I am overflowing with fresh herbs and often encourage my neighbors to go back to my herb garden and take a cutting of mint, basil, rosemary or anything else they find and like. I love wandering past my herbs and rubbing a leaf between my fingers to release the oils. Aromatherapy in it's purest form. And then sharing that with someone else...as Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

Em said...

Oh, I am working on getting some chickens for my backyard right now! I hope to be able to pass around the eggs a few months from now... I love the way all of our neighbors give each other 'extras' out of the garden each summer. We don't all grow the same things, and we end up still getting a great variety of fresh produce!

Dale Johnson said...

I love to get up early in the morning, go down to the garden and pick some summer squash, stop by the chicken coop and grab some eggs and head for the kitchen. I saute' the sliced squash in olive oil and then throw in eggs. I eat it out of the frying pan so it stays warm to the last luscious bite.

d/b/c/m said...

i love fresh tomatoes. i don't have enough sunlight to grow them, but anyone who can grow them and share instantly has a big fat place in my heart!