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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Salvaging fruit from broken raspberry canes

I had nothing to lose when I submerged a broken raspberry cane into a bucket of water to see if the berries on it would ripen. Whether by storm or a critter passing through, the cane was broken clean through. I found it on the ground soon after its detachment; the leaves were still lush and it was just starting to form the creamy green-colored balls that normally would develop into red berries. What a bummer to lose so many, I thought. It was either off to the compost heap or to my weird idea of a bath.

I was pleasantly surprised that putting the cane in water worked! No, the cane's leaves aren't pristine, but the vase treatment apparently bought enough time for certain berries to ripen (about three days later). I say certain ones, because not all did -- mainly the larger ones. Better than nothing.

Have you had any last-ditch efforts that surprised you, too?


David said...

Jennifer, good to know that if berries are close to ripening that letting them soak in water will help them continue to ripen. I don't have berries in my garden yet but maybe someday.

Have a great berry saving day.


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