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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mood Management with Essential Oils

 Essential oils have been the catalyst for healing my family in many ways.

Many of you have asked for me to explain how Michael has been able to get off his anxiety prescription using essential oils. I have put together a webinar explaining how he did just that. I have also been able to get rid of my "brain fog", as I like to call it. Wherever you are on the mood spectrum, you can benefit from this free class!

Mood Management Webinar (free)
Thursday February 21st 7:30 pm MST


Molly said...

I will just be getting home from work (always a crazy time at my home), but I really want to hear this, so I plan to "attend" online. I registered. Thanks!

Molly said...

Marisa--Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've followed Backyard Farming for years but am more of a silent follower. I'm a wannabe backyard farmer, but our neighborhood squirrels make it practically impossible to grow any of my favorite things--it seems we have the same taste in vegetables. :)