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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Fine Feathered Friends


We love our fine feathered friends, but when it comes to them eating my berries, they become enemies!

I saw this idea and thought it was brilliant! Simply paint some stones red and place them around your strawberry plants in the spring. When your strawberries ripen, the birds won't eat them, thinking they are stones.  


I bet you don't even have to be a very good artist, the birds aren't going to be critiquing your painting abilities. I thought it would be a really fun project for my kids. 

What do you think? Have any of you tried this? 
What are your tricks to keep the birds away from your berries? 

Have a lovely day!


Eighteen Preston said...

I also saw this online and plan on trying it this year. I haven't grown strawberries before but I have a side of my house that desperatly needs to plantings and it gets tons of sun!

Erin said...

What an interesting idea. I just might try that if birds become a problem.

Charlotte Crawley said...

I don't grow strawberries. But I hang red Christmas balls on my tomato plants to trick the birds. I believe that works. Those are beautiful stones.

daisy said...

Brilliant! Last year the birds ate more strawberries than we did!
Glad to see y'all back. Happy New Year!