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Friday, September 21, 2012

Rooster? We Don't Have a Rooster!

I love sleeping with my windows open at night. The fresh, cool, night air does a clean sweep through the house leaving it refreshed in the morning.

Early this morning, with my windows open, I was woken by a rooster. Our neighbors don't have chickens and I was so confused as to where the rooster had come from. I had to shut all the windows in the house because the rooster was so loud! 

It continued to crow through the morning, and I decided I better investigate. We don't have a rooster, but I decided to check in our coop anyways. There wasn't one rooster in there, there were TWO ROOSTERS in my coop! 

This would have come as a complete surprise to me if I hadn't recognized one of the beautiful roosters as my neighbors. They had bought some "free run" chickens (this means that when you purchase them, the sex has not been determined, so you could end up with roosters), and they had 2 roosters out of the batch. I knew that these neighbors didn't want the roosters and were trying to get rid of them. I just didn't expect for them to get rid of them by donating them to my backyard farm as a "funny" joke.

It took me a while to get to the bottom of it, but I figured out all who were involved. I only have pictures of two out of the three culprits, and I'm posting the most embarrassing pictures I have of them. Yet, the payback is not complete!

If you see these two hooligans in your neighborhood, beware! You may end up with roosters waking you up early in the morning. 

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Liz Clark said...

I used to have three roosters once. They go from being nice little birds to Feathered Psychos in under a year. One of them used to sneak inside and sit on the kitchen bench each morning. The chased my kids, terrorised the cats, annoyed the hens and finally we got rid of them. No loss. Roosters are only good for the pot. Sorry you got bugged by those two roosters.

David said...

Marisa, I'm glad you had a great time this summer. Sometimes we just need to get away from the tug of media. I for one am glad to see that you are back.

It's too funny about the roosters. I am a morning person and enjoy he crowing of rooster in the morning. Our city will allow backyard chickens but only three. I expect none of the neighbors would appreciate the crowing of rooster before the sun shines. They don't seem to recognize weekends. :0)

Good to be able to read your blogs again. Have a great day in the garden.

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Hysterical!!! I love it!


Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

I love this post! I hope you'll come link up with my Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/09/farm-girl-friday-blog-fest-1.html

Kim and Victoria said...

Ha! Nice joke!

punit unisense said...

hahahhahah...it was fun reading your rooster story!

thanks for sharing.

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