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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!


Michael & Marisa




and Madelyn


RightHahn said...

So fun, Marisa!! Way to go. Congrats on the new digs as well - it looks super dreamy. You even made Randy tempted to move back to Utah for a minute - and that is saying A LOT (he is an ocean loving boy! ). So happy for you guys - and loving all the creativity you are sharing with everyone - house and halloween wise:)

Verde Farm said...

Oh my gosh-so precious. Love it when all the family dresses up. That is just cool! Happy Halloween!
Amy at Verde Farm

~ H said...

Love the costumes. We went trunk-or-treating tonight with the ward and our branch. The hubs and I weren't as dressed up as you though. We took the easy road... I pinned smarties to my pants (yes I did) and called myself smarty pants. Rodi hung a snow flake from his hat and when asked what he was he blew the flake, looked at the person questioning and replied "a snow blower". The kids think we are huge dorks, but we had a ton of fun. Love it when the whole family dresses up!


THAT needs some kind of prize.