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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chicken Poo Power

I once lived in a town that was run by hydroelectric power. I've seen cars that run on electric power. My friend at work has a charger for his Iphone that runs on solar power. My kids watch a cartoon that has lots of puppy power. I have done seen a lot of things but I've never seen a town that is run on chicken poo power.....until today.

Take a look at this article from the BBC website about a city in the UK that is run on chicken poo power. According to the article two farmers invested in a biogas plant will take chicken litter, pig manure, wheat and corn and generate enough electricity to power 350 homes.

I am a big fan of chickens and I am pleased with how much the chickens we have had reduce our waste. However, I have never thought about using their waste to produce electricity. I like the idea though. Let us raise our glasses to chicken poop, may it continue to warm our homes, and our lives.


Rachel said...

The City of San Francisco was contemplating using animal waste, primarily from cats and dogs, to create electricity. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but it never came to fruition.

Cindy said...

Amazing. My chickens are busy with their current job of sod removal. In a few weeks they'll be moved to their new job, "tilling and fertilizing next year's vegetable garden". Gotta love chickens!


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Kait Palmer said...

That is just plain awesome.

Conny said...

Very interesting. And I've been wondering lately, if I can use our chicken poop to make a liquid fertilizer - there's got to be a way, I just haven't researched it yet. :>)

marisa said...

Conny, if you do find out about it...let us know!