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Monday, August 10, 2009

Megan's Square Foot Garden: Gone With the Wind

We too had a huge wind storm that did a lot of damage. You can see our ordeal in this video below.

I felt so depressed when I witnessed the damage one night of storms could do and how our many of our hopes for our little garden had been dashed. And I couldn't help but think of people who completely rely on their farms/crops for sustenance. I don't know what they did when that happened. Turned to what they had stored/ asked neighbors for help?

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Erin H said...

Hi Mike and Megan. I love following this blog of yours and I had to chime in on this one because my tomato plants have been almost flattened to by the wind. So sad to see - but not as sad as the blite that covers all of my tomatos! :(