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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flowering Forebears

In the late 1920's, my grandparents, Carl and Gerda Johnson realized their dream, bought a farm in Shelley, Idaho and built a home about a mile east of the city. Gerda loved flowers and proceeded to plant some of her favorites as soon as the house was built. The descendants of those flowers are still growing in my garden in Sandy, Utah. One is a purple columbine, and the other we called "bluebells". It is fun to see these flowers come back each year in my garden, as they have been doing for 90 years. It is a living tie to my grandmother Gerda Hanson Johnson.

~Carolyn Christensen

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Allen said...

I think we might need to talk Carolyn in to trying to prepare the seeds so that more of us can keep the plants going.