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Friday, August 14, 2009

Eat the Seasons Friday- Tacos Sin Carne

Our family has an abundance of vegetables right now and so we look for a lot of vegetarian recipes in order to take advantage of our bounty. I decided that vegetarian tacos would be a good way to use a lot of vegetables at once.

To make our tacos we grilled zucchini and crookneck squash seasoned with seasoning salt on our charcoal barbecue. You could probably sauté them as well but I like the added flavor that the grill gives. We sautéed some onions, and cut up some fresh red roma tomatoes and avocado. Everything but the avocado was from our garden. In addition to the vegetables I went to the local Latino market and bought some Queso Blanco and tomatillo salsa to put on top for some extra flavor. If you really want a vegetarian meal make sure your corn tortillas don’t have any lard in them. The tacos were very refreshing and as a meat lover I didn’t even notice that these didn’t have any. The zucchini and squash were a great substitute.

You can get really creative with the veggies you add to your tacos. I think that some grilled eggplant or grilled corn would be a good addition. Do you have any other suggestions for meals that use a lot of vegetables?



Julie said...

One of my favorite meals is just Roasted vegetables with homemade Marinara sauce and polenta. Right now in the summer I might grill the veggies instead.

I also love tossing fresh vegetables in olive oil (with garlic) and then eating over pastas. Either that or making a cold pasta salad with fresh veggies, or tossing grilled or sauteed vegetables in couscous with a bit of tomato paste to bind it together. That is good to do with Lentils as well.

Pizzas and Gallettes are a really good way to use up a lot as well - especially squash, tomatoes and eggplant (my new favorite pizza is goat cheese, grilled eggplant and carmelized onions).

I wish my veggies were coming from my garden though - maybe next year :)

m. said...

you can get fresh tomatillos at the farmers market around here! then you can make your own salsa verde. super easy to do!
looks yummy!