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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Question from a Reader-Peas

Do you stake your peas? Mine have grown so tall and now are falling over. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.


Michael and I have posts set up about 4-5 feet apart along our row of peas. Between those posts, twine is strung from each post in 6 inch intervals. As the peas grow, we weave the peas up the twine.

Another idea is to use bamboo tripods. Plant the peas around the base of each bamboo stick and as the peas grow you can tie them to the bamboo. Click here to view a video on how to lash the bamboo together. Last year we grew pumpkins, melon, and cucumbers up bamboo sticks and did not lash our bamboo together as nicely as the video shows, and we had no problems, so if you aren't an Eagle Scout, no worries!

Here are a few other images I found on the internet to give you some other ideas.

To all our readers out there, how do you grow your peas?



Brandi said...

We trail our peas up something similar to picture "E" on your post. It's just made of PVC pipe and hammered into the ground. It's really easy to move around so we can plant the peas in a different area every year. I like the other ideas, though, too. Especially picture "B". That looks awesome!

april~living the sweet life said...

I am so excited to find your blog. We are moving to a home where we can have farm animals. I am starting with chickens.

Sheree, J, + j said...

I like to put a stake at each end of a row of peas, then run twin from stake to stake at ~6 inch spacing in height. The peas find the twine on their own, and there's no need to tie the peas up. I usually put 2 rows of peas very close and the stake/twine between so I only have to stake every other row.

Sal Gal said...

We have been growing ours along a chain link fence around the garden. All the peas, leaves and stems that grow outside the fence belong to the deer (there is never a piece of green outside the fence) and the rest are ours.