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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Admirable stubbornness

We have a hen nesting. She hasn’t left the nesting box in days. Each day when we collect eggs we slip a hand underneath her silky body and take her egg that she has laid that day. When we do this she acts a little perturbed and sometimes takes a peck at our arm but she won’t move.

p.s. Here's Megan's chicken "Donut" during her broody phase last spring. She didn't even have any eggs underneath her!


megan said...

Dale - I added a video of my hen nesting last year. I was pretty impressed by her desire to take care of her "chicks" as well. If she did come out for a drink every couple days she would walk around like an old woman with a fierce temper - "chirping" at anyone and anything that got too close!

Dale said...

She is even more broody than mine. I think it is great. Every couple of days I lift my hen out of the and put her by the feed and water and then she eats. I am sure I don'tneed to do this but I want her to keep her production up.