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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Megan's Container Herb Garden - Sowing the Seeds

I have to be honest - this year I thought we were going to have to forgo the garden altogether because I've got a baby coming in two weeks and then we are moving in mid-June. I have been so bummed because we found ourselves in EXACTLY the same situation last year - this last year has been crazy! But I just couldn't stand it...the buds coming out on the trees, the state of the economy, my nesting instinct - they were all screaming to get my hands in the dirt and sow something! So, I decided I'd try a container garden with the hope that I can take it along to wherever we end up.

This isn't my first time trying a container garden - but hopefully it will be my most successful attempt. I have tried to grow things in pots before but always found that I was over or under watering, burning my plants, or just forgetting about them. Having your plants in the real ground affords a little more complacency than a pot. But I'm determined to make it work this year - with all of you as my witnesses!

Every spring I pour over my seed catalog and dream of what I will plant and even though I knew we weren't going to have a garden - this year was no different. So a few days ago when I decided to try growing my little garden in pots I knew I needed to resist the urge to have an elaborate array of heirlooms and instead keep it simple. We went with an Italian herb garden with Basil, Rosemary, Oregano & Sage. I bought one of those seed starting kits at the store to keep it simple and sowed every single one. I promised my 7 year old he could sell the extra ready to plant herbs in the parking lot of the local grocery store.

So we no have 72 little pellets of peat holding our herb seeds - 12 of each type. Since I decided slightly last minute to do this, I did not put together one of the ingenious seed starting shelves and instead am opting for a southern facing window with a bench placed in front of it.

My kids are ecstatic and I feel much more at peace. And if all goes according to plan, midsummer we should be up to our elbows in homemade tasty pesto! I'll keep you posted!

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ChristyACB said...

Good luck with this round. Containers are definitely harder for me too.