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Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Last Great Tomato Harvest

This time of year is always so sad for me. The weather gets colder and I have to watch my garden wither and die. We had one last tomato harvest this last week, I will miss seeing all the beautiful colors and different varieties of tomatoes we planted this year. It was fun to bring our purple tomatoes to friends homes and parties (pictured on the right), people would inform us that our tomatoes have spoiled or gone bad. Then we had the chance to educate them on heirloom tomatoes. They would taste the tomatoes and be so surprised at the amazing flavor. I will be collecting the seeds and sharing them with my friends in hopes that we will increase the diversity of produce being planted, and take some power away from Monsanto.



Kristi said...

I hope you pick me to share seeds with!!

marisa said...

Of course!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

What were all the varieties you planted this year?

Also, where do you usually get your seeds from?

Down with Monsanto.


marisa said...

We get our seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, if you google it, you can find them. Get the catalog in the spring, it is so much fun to look through all the varieties and pick what you are going to order.

We had 9 different varieties of tomatoes. From seed savers we bought purple tomatoes, mexican midgets, brandywine's, and yellow pear tomatoes.

I went to the farmers market and bought a 6 pack of heirloom tomato starts for $2, what a steal! I lost the paper that told me what they are, but I remember that there were green zebras (in the picture) and black prince tomatoes. The orange tomato in the picture was from those starts, anyone know what kind it is?

Farmer at Heart said...

I would have to agree! I my last post is about saving tomato seeds, I think we have the same kind of tomatoes! They are yummy, I've still got a lot of green ones on the vine, and my plants haven't yet been ruined by the frost. I think it is because they are in raised beds.