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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Lucky Day

I have been coveting boots like this for the last few months. Oh, those chores would be so much more fun if I got to slip on cute waterproof rain boots before going out to feed the chickens or clean their coop. Well today was my lucky day. I was on my way home from a soap making lesson with my friend Holly and called my husband Michael to tell him I was coming home. He told me to go and find something to do for a while and he would watch the kids. I didn't have anywhere I really wanted to go, and was low on cash so I told him I was just coming home. I spotted a Salvation Army and decided that maybe I would just take a peak in there, I'm a sucker for a good thrift shop and yard sales. I was hoping I could find some soap making supplies, possibly some soap molds, mixing bowls or a mixer that I could use for soap. I didn't find any soap making supplies, but I did find these cute boots, brand new for only $10! Oh the joy.



Zachary and Jennifer said...

Cute chores boots make work more fun! :-)


megan said...

That's a dang cute picture of the boots! I want some!