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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bring back the Victory Garden!

This is a film from over 60 years ago about Victory Gardening. If you don't know much about these Dale wrote an excellent article a while back that will get you really excited about them! I know this film is a little long but if you're like me you'll eat it up! Chances are that since you are at this blog you'll feel the same way!

Victory Garden Film from the 1940's

Click Here to see the film

p.s. It's not really organic farming but you'll have to forgive them for that...


P~ said...

Megan, did you see this posted on the NPR Radiowest discussion board for "The new Victory Garden" show where you posted too? That's where I saw it first (This is the guy who was on the show btw.) and I loved it. What a great clip, thanks for sharing it again.

megan said...

That's exactly where I found it! I was so excited by that show to see that so many of us are feeling the same pull to simplify and return to our roots. That was a great show. Glad you found us, as well!

Pacing the Panic Room said...

We planted a "recession garden" this year. Almost everything was devoured by bugs. Organic is so tough. We aren't giving up we learned a lot this go round.