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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring - daffodills, crocuses, eggs and ... potatoes?

by Uncle Dale

Last week I frost seeded red clover into the pastures. It was perfect timing because winter gave one last burp on Wednesday with 3 inches of snow which was gone by Thursday. Today, Saturday, the sun greets us with 65 degrees under bright blue skies. The crocuses are blooming with daffodils on the way. This was our first day in the garden this year. I spread compost on the raspberry and blackberry patch and repaired the trellising. I also composted and pruned the kiwi vines. LeAnn cleared last year’s tomato vines off the trellises, weeded the border mums, and planted lettuce in last year's potato patch. She dug up a treasure of a few unfrozen potatoes. Our layers are back to full production after a light production during the winter. Today I got a dozen eggs out of our 14 hens. We have 8 turkeys on order and this week we will order 50 broilers. Spring is just around the corner.     

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