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Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicken March Madness First challenge

Last week we announced our Chicken Madness Contest. You send us your pictures of chickens. We pit them against each other and have everyone vote on which picture they like the best. We will continue from round to round. The ultimate winner will win the book "Your Farm in the City" by Lisa Taylor.

Here are our first two contestants. They are both great pictures. How could you not want chickens after seeing these two competitors? Vote for your favorite chicken at the bottom of this post.

Chicken A

This is for the chicken contest. her name is Mohawka, she is a buff lace polish and yes her hair/feathers is pulled back. she's a diva chick.


Chicken B

I have so many pictures i had a hard time choosing, but this one is a New Hampshire Red named Annie. :) 

My blog is: www.mercyisnew.com 

Vote for your favorite chicken below.


Lana88 said...

Haha love that chicken pony tail!

Hilary said...

I had to vote for the little chickie ... I fear the flashier one will win just because it's flashy!!