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Monday, July 23, 2012

Urban Farming in Venezuela

Venezuela is having a hard time growing enough food to feed it's population. They have begun to allow the poor in urban areas to start gardening in unused urban spaces. Seems like a great idea. Some of the people in the video reduce their food bills by 50%. Hopefully they use heirlooms so they can harvest their own seeds. Think about what would happen to the world if everyone would start growing what they can, where they can. Check out the video. It always makes me happy to see people gardening.




Just this weekend I said, "Give each person on Earth 2 zucchini seeds and world hunger will be erased. You may get sick of squash, but you won't be hungry anymore."

Conry Lavis said...

this is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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Janet said...

Love the post!

Reminds me of a recent video I saw on Ted by Roger Doiron about his subversive garden plot. Great promo on urban gardening.