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Monday, April 16, 2012

Broody BobbyJo

 Pictures do no justice the freaky "I'm going to come flying at you and slit your throat, human" guttural sounds these broody hens make as you look in on them sitting on their "babies". I thought I'd at least lose the camera as I attempted to make it our of there alive.
Note in one pic there's only one, and in the next our second broody-as-of-today girl has sat down on as many eggs as she can.
~Michael Atkinson


Anonymous said...

What about the eggs off to the sides? Do get to eat those or are they off limits too? She sure is a pretty chicken though, even if she is currently evil.

nancy said...

yeah they can get kinda testy.
what kind of chicken is that? I have a rooster that we rescued with the same markings? I am very curious

rugosarosefarm said...

Ah...the pterydactyl screams of yearned for motherhood.

Michael Atkinson said...

GirlRural.com: BobbyJo sat on so many she couldn't fit her frumpy bum over them all. Since this was the first day Nikki (the other) got with the program, BobbyJo didn't share the space so well. Now they share and cover all the eggs.

nancy: Golden Laced Wyandotte. She is so incredibly gorgeous, we still are sort of in awe at her beauty.

Charlotte said...

The Golden Lace Wyandotte is beautiful. I have a Silver Lace hen.
It's great she got some help trying to cover all those eggs. Too funny. Happy hatching!

LindaG said...

Good luck with the hatching!
What is in the nest with the hen? A quilt?

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Times like this demonstrate the close relationship between dinosaurs and chickens. Nothing like that scream from the distant past that a hen can make.

Kim and Victoria said...

Our hens are nearly three years old and no broodiness yet. We've been lucky. You have some lovely hens there.

Michael Atkinson said...

Beautiful as golden Laced are, I'd LOVE a Silver Laced - wow.

LindaG: It's an old baby blanket. Because we're true backyarders, we can't have roosters so they're sitting on those eggs for naught, but ... I'm talking with a local breeder of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and just may be getting some eggs for them to hatch this week, so excited! If I do I will send pics in to Backyard Farming :)

Kim and Victoria: I was hoping for broodiness just so they could be moms for chicks. Now that it's happened I am SO glad because all the chicken-drama and noiseness has been extremely entertaining!! With no downside in my opinion.

Love the dinosaur comparisons, sometimes it's eery. Remember Jurassic Park? the part where the hunter guy is in the jungle and gets ambushed by raptors (he says "clever girl...") At the end of the scene a raptor is peeking thru the bushes and we see one of its eyes ... that is EXACTLY what my Americana looks like in so many ways. *shiver


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