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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Backyard Farming Gift Guide

We want to wish you all a happy holidays. As we try to teach our children, we stress the importance of giving and serving rather than receiving. Here are a few ideas for what to give your favorite backyard farmer. Today's ideas revolve around garden statues. We do not own these things, nor are we getting paid for showing them. We just think they are cool. Click on the names to see where they are sold.


Terra Cotta Pot Man (make it yourself)

Zombie Garden Statue (my favorite)

 Which one would you choose?



Anonymous said...

Um, ha ha. I'm thinking the rooster might fit our garden though the zombie is pretty darn hilarious. Wonder how badly that bad boy would scare the chickens.

Eleanor @ Planned Resilience said...

I would go for the rooster. Did they happen to have a flock of chickens to go with him? Don't want him to be lonely! :)

Michael Atkinson said...

Forgot to comment on this - terra cotta pot man for sure, that is SO cool and I seriously thing I will make my own version. Great find! Tho to be honest the zombie is beautiful and reminds me of serving.