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Monday, June 6, 2011

More on MyPlate

By Uncle Dale

I am more cynical about “MyPlate” than Michael is. I look at the recommendation from USDA over the years, click here and see the dumbing down of Americans. We stopped reading a long time ago and now graphics have to be so simple that they are pointless. 

 Americans will glance at the plate and say, “Ya, that’s what I eat” and will not bother to read and follow the recommendations.  For example, a Big Mac, french fries, apple pie, and a milk shake fit on MyPLate. I appreciate everyone who follows this blog because you are people who take your diets seriously and understand what your plates should really be covered with, particularly food from your own back yard.
If I look behind MyPlate, I also see the vast influence of various food organizations as they fought to keep from being diminished or excluded from the plate. MyPlate is so meaningless that no food lobby can complain. 

By the way, my family is currently in gross violation of MyPlate since we are completely covering our plates with strawberries.  

Another food story in the news is about Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg killing his own meat. I don’t have a problem with that because I have killed my own meat. But oh! I wish that with his clout in the public eye, Zuckerberg would have decided to grow his own food instead of just killing it. Think of the great example that would have been set for everyone if Zuckerberg would have organized or commissioned a large community garden adjacent to the Facebook campus where all of his employees could relax and grow their own food. It could have even included some pastured broilers that he could kill and eat at his leisure. 


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

LOL!! I just started a post on the new "my plate" campaign but hadn't published it. You've summed it up quite well! I would only add that it's missing any visual of oils/fats (it's in the small print if you actually view the website) because they'd LIKE to tell us to eliminate these altogether, however, we actually need some oils/fats in our diet despite their "wisdom". I'd be in violation, too!

Anonymous said...

I can't count on the government to get too many things right. I'm certainly not going to be listening to the food guidelines as the government is part of why we have genetically modified, poison fed animals. Blech! I'll just listen to Farmer Ted over at the local farmer's market. If he says it good, I'll listen.


I'm no pillar of health but I try to eat foods that have the fewest steps in preparation (from harvest to plate).

Shaunika said...

I'm sorry....I don't understand this post...because it has no graphics. Haha! Well said!