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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Questions from Readers

Hey there wonderful readers! I have been asked 2 questions, neither of which I know the answer to, I have never had either problem. So, if you know the answer, leave a comment. 



One of my laying hens has this white, very moist mess around her whole rear end and her anus is protruding out and has fell out and has sores on it. I cleaned her up in some warm water. Can u tell me what this is?


My chickens have been molting for a few weeks now.Do they usually lose weight during this time. My girls are looking quite scrawny and I can feel the breast bone really sticking out. Someone suggested a mite could be the prolem. Samantha



KJ's Restart Button said...

I don't know the answers either but I will be checking back in to see what your readers say because one of my hens is like #1 question.

Rachel said...

You should check out the forums on backyardchickens.com. I find a lot of answers to chicken health questions I have.

Mrs. Teasley said...

The first sounds like vent gleet. We had an outbreak and one of our hens died. They usually sell stuff for it at the feed stores, and when we had our I read about a vinegar bath recipe that you could make at home, but I would have to find it again. #1 ting is you have to isolate until it clears up, cause it is contagious.

Mrs. Teasley said...

And #2 does indeed sound like mites. Mites will make a chicken basically starve itself, become really sluggish, cause lowered egg production, and eventually die if it isn't treated. You should be able to see the teeny tiny brown bugs on them, though, or in the bedding. We used Sevin Dust when we had mites last year, and it worked just fine, but I suppose it all depends on how bad you have it.

Anonymous said...

This might answer question #1. Complete with pictures, there's a how-to on putting a prolaspsed hiney back into a chicken. You need gloves and some honey. And a good sense of humor.