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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Real Food Challenge: Days Two and Three

Day 2 was a great day. I went to a store about a little less than a half hour away that sells organic and natural foods and was surprised by how little real food even they carry. But in the end we came home with a pretty good bounty. Click on the image to see more details if you'd like. So we ate our grass fed lamb with potatoes and curried brown rice for dinner. It wasn't the greatest meal since I kind of had to make it up with the things I could find at the store and at home but it was good enough.

Today(Day 3) has reminded me of why most people don't eat real food. It was one of those days that moms have every once in a while where everything is crazy and you wish you could just order pizza for dinner. We are supposed to have bison burgers for dinner but since I couldn't find buns without additives or white flour I knew I needed to bake my own. Needless to say that dinner is fast approaching and there are still no buns. And still no oven fries. Ahh! What does a mom do about real food dinners when she's in a pinch? Pancakes, perhaps? I'm still not sure but I'm not giving up yet. I'll let you know how it goes!



Kelly said...

I enjoy your blog, and work very hard to keep adding more and more real food to our diet - we have 4 kids. Having said that though, we did eat pizza tonight - but haven't done that in 6 weeks - and my husband is in charge of school lunches - and they still aren't very "real". It's a journey.

Keep up the great example. Kelly

m. said...

some suggestions: tacos or tostadas(homemade tortillas are really fast & easy to make), homemade pizza(are you eating cheese?), tomato soup & sandwiches, & last but not least: pb&j! (that's what i made tonight:)

really enjoying these blogs!

megan said...

In the end I had my husband pick up some buns from a local bakery so that makes them the old fashioned way - all natural. And we broke the rules and had some ketchup with corn syrup and mayo with other unnatural stuff. On the side we had some applesauce and steamed broccoli. The bison didn't taste too bad - not too big of a difference, really.

Kelly - props to you for doing so much with a job and four kids! And I think you're right - it's a journey. This week has been a crazy crash course!

Megh - do you use shortening in your tortillas? I've decided that's off limits since it had to be invented! And yes, we are eating cheese. Thanks goodness!