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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts!

This sign represents why we have been so slow with our posts, we have been scrubbing, cleaning, painting and organizing. Michael and I have decided that it is time to expand our backyard farm. Currently we are on .11 acre and our chickens are outlaws. We are hoping to find a little bit bigger lot where our girls can run free, (not that they don't now) but they can run free legally. Hopefully in the future when I see Animal Control I won't cringe and pray they aren't stopping at my house.

We will keep you updated on our search for our new backyard farm!



Em said...

Marisa, how exciting for you! Good luck with your new place and adventures!

marisa said...

Em, how is your chicken campaign going out there in Wakefield??? A city right by me just legalized chickens! Hurray!

jennifer said...

Which city, Marisa?

marisa said...

We are thinking Eagle Mountain, just because they have inexpensive land and the most lenient rules pertaining to animals.