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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Dairy Perspective

I sometimes like to go and look and see who is reading this blog, I'm so honored that we have so many amazing readers. Many of our readers have their own great blogs documenting their own farms. One of these readers that I came across recently is A Dairy Perspective. The blog is a journal of Zachary (25) and Jennifer (26) of Bear Creek, Wisconsin "documenting their life as a married couple balancing the challenges and rewards of running a dairy farm, and still finding time to enjoy life".

When I contacted Jennifer to get permission to feature their blog she gave me the following information about them: "We've been married for four years and in August 2007, we took the first step towards owning our own farm and purchased the cattle from my parents. Our milking herd is about 55. Together with my parents we raise crops for our animals. This way, my parents can "slowly retire" and we can "slowly" grow our farm. Zachary is full time on the farm and I have a full time job off the farm and help out on the farm on the mornings/evenings and weekends. We always plant a large vegetable garden, but it always seems like we are over our heads in produce and weeding! We are learning... We hope to start our own flock of chickens in the spring for laying, we will be sure to read up on your blog for tips."

Go check out their blog, I think you will like it.


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Zachary and Jennifer said...

Thanks for the feature, Marisa!