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Monday, August 25, 2008

Vertical Farming Systems

I saw a great video on CNN about urban farming and it focuses on vertical farming systems that are built by a company called Green Living Technologies LLC. This is their website.

http://www.agreenroof.com/index2.php .

They build planting systems for roofs and walls where you can plant house plants and gardens. The video shows them building one in the middle of an urban area. The systems are made out of recycled aluminum and you can plant new crops in them or you can use starter plants that the company has already started growing. I love companies like this that are doing their part to improve lives and culture. Pretty soon, there won't be an excuse for not planting a garden. Check out the video.


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Pea Sheller said...

I've also seen more of the vertical systems lurking around online. Definitely think they are an awesome idea! Luckily I have enough land to grow my own little veggie garden, but if I ever move and don't have space this is what I'll be doing, gardening vertical!