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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cool as a Lemon Cucumber

Cucumbers seem to be one of those vegetables that always do well for us. In the past we have grown  many varieties with success. This year we might have found a new front runner for coolest cucumber in the garden.
Lemon cucumbers with crookneck squash
For the first time we are growing lemon cucumbers and we are big fans. The name comes from their round shape and yellowish color. We can't tell a big difference in flavor from our other favorite variety the double yield. You might wonder why you would want a cucumber that is smaller than others and doesn't taste different. Here are a few reasons we like them.

  • They are very prolific. I think we are getting more cucumbers from the lemon cucumber than the double yield.
  • They are unique. Not everyone has them. They might be good for those of you that want to sell unique products at farmers markets. It's fun to give them away to neighbors and have them rave about how interesting they are.
  • Our kids like to eat them like apples so they are eating more of them.

What new vegetable varieties are you growing this year that we need to try?



Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Do you grow ground cherries? If not, try them next year! They take forever and a day to germinate but don't give up. Once they get going, they are just FULL of awesome fruit. They look like tiny yellow tomatillos but are so sweet. And of course, there is the fun and unique factor. I got my seeds this year from Baker Creek. I've yet to cook anything with them though- I keep eating them as candy in the garden or giving them to friends to try.


G. said...

totally random, but where did yall take your family pic? (above) in Texas?

marisa said...

We took our family picture in Heber, Utah